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Elaine’s Flowers delivers to these towns in Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the Blackstone Valley:

North Smithfield, Smithfield, Woonsocket, Burrillville, Pascoag, Lincoln, Cumberland, Greenville, Blackstone, Bellingham, Uxbridge and Millville

January - Carnation
Botanical  - Dianthus
Symbolic meaning:
February - Violet
Botanical - Viola
Symbolic meaning:
March - Daffodil
Botanical - Narcissus/Pseudo-narssisus
Symbolic meaning:
You are my only one
April - Daisy
Botanical - bellis Perennis
Symbolic meaning:
Cheerfulness, Loveliness
May - Lily of the Valley
Botanical - Convallaria Majalis
Symbolic meaning:
Sweetness, Humility
June - Rose
Botanical - Rosa
Symbolic meaning:
Love, I am worthy of you

July - Larkspur
Botanical - Delphinium Ajacis
Symbolic meaning:
Ardent attachment
August - Gladiola
Botanical -Gladiolus
Symbolic meaning:
Graceful, Splendid beauty
September - Aster
Botanical: Callistephus Chinensis
Symbolic meaning:
Daintiness, Elegance
October - English Marigold
Botanical - Calendula
Symbolic meaning:
Affection, Jealousy
November - Chrysanthemum
Botanical - Chrysanthemum Morifolium
Symbolic meaning:
Optimism, Cheerfulness
December - Narcissus
Botanical - Narcissi
Symbolic meaning:
Unrequited Love, Chivalry,
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